Procedures for applying for the dependents home help

Subsidies, for cases in which having even quoted, is not entitled to the benefit well when the benefit is already depleted. Among other requirements, they demand that the applicant does not exceed a certain level of income.

Economic benefit for care in the family environment and support to informal carers: this type of allowance shall be granted when the dependent person attended in their family environment. The caretaker of the dependent person should be given on Social Security and must follow the supporting actions promoted for non-professional caregivers.

Service to cater to elderly people who are in a situation of social emergency that requires immediate action, to offer them a welcome temporary and attention to basic needs (accommodation, food, health and hygiene, etc) while are the most suitable resources to deal with their situation.

people who have a recognized degree of disability equal higher than 33% always have a positive degree of reduced mobility who require have third person assistance at the family home and that, in addition, requested assessment of dependence.

In addition to acting in cases of emergency, the service also acts proactively maintaining an ongoing contact with the person the user and taking demands of soledat, insulation and / insecurity that may have seniors, dependent and / disabled people living alone.

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