Learn how to eat chia seeds properly.

Chia seed is the food of the moment thanks to all its properties and nutrients that it has, in addition it is easy to digest. One of the most common ways is to mix chia seeds in water with a little lemon juice, letting it sit for 10 minutes so that it absorbs more liquid and increases its volume.

A cup of strawberries LifePlus Diät has about 43 calories. They also contain fiber, which helps regulate the digestive processes and reduce hunger. Strawberries contain phenols, a chemical compound. Anthocyanin is a type of phenol abundant in strawberries and providing its characteristic color. It is also known for its powerful natural antioxidant qualities as maintaining the health of cells. Phenols also help combat inflammation in the body by inhibiting production of the enzyme cyclooxygenase, just as do compounds such as aspirin ibuprofen.

An Pan, Qi Sun, Adam Bernstein M, B Matthias Schulze, JoAnn E Manson, Walter C. Willett, Frank B Hu; Red meat consumption and risk of type 2 diabetes: 3 cohorts of US adults and an updated meta-analysis. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the first publication August 10, 2011: 10.3945 / ajcn.111.018978. Stop eating when viewing a video in which he had a slaughterhouse and what they did with the cows is unforgivable, poor things fell their tears and never went back to eating. I as many vegetables as I increase the red blood cells that have excess body’m too sore and lame excess oxalates.

What worries many is the deception that is induced to the consumer because the manufacturers of these products are not legally required to disclose the manufacturing process of the food market, therefore, may your’re thinking to buy a meat premium when you’re actually gaining a mixture of different waste of meat attached with glue that should have been sold at a small price directly thrown away.

Thyroid disease – A study in April found that PFOA can damage the thyroid function. Those with the highest concentrations of PFOA were more than twice as likely to develop thyroid disease compared with those with the lowest concentrations of PFOA. The thyroid contains thyroglobulin protein that binds to iodine to form hormones, which in turn influence essentially every organ, tissue and organs. Thyroid hormones are also necessary for growth and development in children. Thyroid disease, if untreated, can lead to heart disease, infertility, muscle weakness and osteoporosis.

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